The Statement of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Breeders Club of the Slovak Republic on a Proposed Ban of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog in Norway

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Breeders Club of the Slovak Republic (KCHCSV SR), as a guarantee for the breed in FCI, has been expressing a big surprise and anxiety about the proposal of banning the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (CSV) in Norway. Reading the reasons for such conclusion we are sure that it came from lack of precise information about this breed. We found essential to reflect our opinion on many discussions recently being brought up – on human responsibility, dog aggressiveness towards humans and not the last on riskiness of some dog breeds.

Breeders clubs of various dog breeds in Slovakia unite not only dog breeders but also trainers and simply dog fans. Thus activities managed by KCHCSV SR are focused not only on dog breeding but first of all on its members education and education of their dogs as well. The aim is to familiarise people with the breed CSV and also with the common principals of a life with a dog in general.

We are doing our best to reach this by:

  • discussions with every club member within our club events,
  • organising sport events, for which the physical but also mental development is needed – doing these sports a close physical contact with other dogs and people is common; aggressive behaviour is highly unacceptable and, moreover, no aggressive individual could ever pass such race,
  • organising summercamps – these have been organised for a long time with focus on education of dog owners before all and also to a practical dog training, how to train and to handle a dog to its handiness,
  • setting a rules for a breeding; one of the conditions for breeding is to pass a bonitation successfully – within the bonitation the character is also tested; there has been worked out the scale for the character assessment.

Neither aggressive nor shy individuals are allowed to be used for breeding!!! Such selective breeding attitude together with education of dog owners and with dog training has come to the fact that nowadays we can state that majority of CSV are of stable and friendly character.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog originated from crossbreeding of carpathian wolf and German Shepherd in fifties. Thanks to efforts of many people CSV has passed a long way during long 47 years. No way it can be called a crossbreed today! FCI has recognised it in June 1989 as a pure breed and has assigned it to FCI group I – shepherds and working dogs. It is a vigorous, very active, steady, docile and quickly reacting dog. Alike wolf, also CSV reaches maturity later and it creates a strong relation to its master and his family. This strong relation was one of the reasons why this breed is not used in army (CSV had difficulties to adapt itself to a new handler every two years within the military service). Another reason was non-aggressive behaviour of the CSV.

CSV definitely does not have aggressiveness in its temper. It has relatively too high threshold of excitability to attack without any reason. It is a breed requiring a patient education and training. We have the experience that the period of socialisation is very important for them. During the long existence of our club we have had possibility to meet hundreds of CSV and aggressive individuals were always an exception!

This breed is usable in many ways and it is getting more popular around the world. It has reached a success at many events. It deserves an admiration and appreciation, not banning in a country. We would like to appeal to responsible bodies, which creates the legislation for not to turn any apprehension of any dog breed to the fight against any particular breed. Dog aggressiveness is not matter of breed features, but of lack of people experience and responsibility. Such measures and bans focused on particular breeds would affect the responsible dog owners above all and cannot solve the problem at all. We believe that concerned authorities will take into consideration all facts and positive results gained from our long time work and experience with CSV.

On behalf of KCHCSV SR
Dr. Sona Bognarova