Water rescue work training

by Mijke van Heyningen, The Netherlands.

In the past I did give Water Rescue training for Newfoundlanders and Landseers. And the last few years I was also active with Waterwork with Leonbergers and Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs. Waterwork is a special kind of rescue work were the dogs are trained to save people that need help in the water and bring them ashore. The Newfoundlander was and is still used by US coastguard for saving people in surf areas and harbours and the breed is used for this purpose in France and Italy as well. The water rescue work has nothing to do with the work of the Water Search dog! The Water search dogs stand on a boat, or search the water borders and they can smell a dead person under the water surface while the Water Rescue dogs operates in the water helping people ashore.

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By the courtesy of Mijke van Heyningen, de Ursidae-Stee